General Electric RU2-8512

Connection standard: DECT (digital); Package contents: tube base ; Radius of action indoors: 50 ;m; Radius of action on the ground: 300 ;m; Functions/capabilities: Caller ID Intercom (internal link) Loud link (speakerphone) ; Supported handsets (base): 4 ;pc; Phonebook: 50 ;rooms; Polyphonic ringtones: +; Ringtones: 10 ;pc; Memory outgoing: 10 ;rooms; The display on the handset: monochrome; Display backlight: +; The backlighting: +; Keypad lock: +; The time in standby mode: 150 ;h; The time in conversation mode: 10 ;h; Search tube: +; The possibility of mounting on wall: +; ...


Table of characteristics

Connection standardDECT (digital)
Package contentstube
Radius of action indoors50 m
Radius of action on the ground300 m
Functions/capabilitiesCaller ID
Intercom (internal link)
Loud link (speakerphone)
Support GAP 
Supported handsets (base)4 pc
Phonebook50 rooms
Polyphonic ringtones+
Ringtones10 pc
Memory outgoing10 rooms
Characteristics of the tube 
The display on the handsetmonochrome
Display backlight+
The backlighting+
Keypad lock+
The time in standby mode150 h
The time in conversation mode10 h
Search tube+
The possibility of mounting on wall+